Casper Bashir

Species: Humanbashir.jpg
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet, Commander; Starfleet Academy, Professor of Warp Theory
Height: 5’ 6"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown


Born aboard the USS Farragut in 2257, shortly before disaster befell the ship, claiming 200 of its crew. Both his parents survived, but with their close brush with death and the birth of their son, Bashir’s mother chose to retire from Starfleet. Bashir was greatly invested in Starfleet as he grew up. He studied everything he could and read every new story he could find in an attempt to feel closer to his parents. He enrolled in Starfleet Academy at 18, majoring in engineering and warp theory. At the Academy, he met Julian Sejan, a professor of propulsion studies and warp dynamics. After graduating in 2279, Bashir was stationed aboard the USS Celeres as an engineering officer. After three years aboard the Celeres he was offered a direct apprenticeship under Julian Sejan. This apprenticeship involved taking part in the project to design a warp core for the upcoming Excelsior-class. The so called “Great Experiment” of the class’ design was to develop a drive capable of reaching transwarp speed, allowing the ship to travel almost instantaneously from one point to another. Small-scale tests were promising and the team was given permission to begin construction on a full-scale drive. Production was somewhat hurried to meet the expected launch date in 2285 for the USS Excelsior. The warp drive was a resounding success, making the Excelsior the fastest vessel in Starfleet at sublight and cruising warp speeds. However, these successes were overshadowed by the failure of the transwarp drive itself.

The Starfleet was rapidly aging and its existing ships were needing ever-more-frequent refits to stay up to par. Starfleet opted to move forward with production of the Excelsior line even without transwarp drives. Sejan, Bashir, and their team were commended for their service, but they were quickly swept out of the limelight. Sejan was offered the position of head engineer aboard the Excelsior, while Bashir was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and stationed aboard the USS Hoplite. Over the next five years, Bashir rose to the rank of Commander aboard the Hoplite. In 2290, Bashir was offered a teaching position at Starfleet Academy and he accepted. By this time, Sejan had moved on to another project and was no longer the professor of warp studies or chief engineer of the Excelsior.

In 2293, Sejan and Bashir were reunited when they were both invited to be present at the christening ceremonies for the USS Enterprise B. Both men were among the officials who were offered a tour of the ship before its maiden voyage, and both saw the ship off on its ill-fated journey. Following this meeting, Sejan proposed Bashir join him on a new project as its co-director. They began work on the project on Earth, making frequent trips to Utopia Planitia. Both Sejan and Bashir returned to their teaching positions at Starfleet Academy and began their search for a crew to join them on their endeavor. With Starfleet’s focus shifting away from war with the Klingon’s, their recruitment and training programs became more broad. Starfleet gained a greater interest in recruiting and training cadets to serve on the increasing number of scientifically focus vessels. In a negotiation with Starfleet, Bashir and Sejan were given permission to recruit crew for the Hyperion Project, so long as all of the crew was selected on an informed, volunteer-only basis, and that a sizable number of the crew be selected from fresh cadets, as continued training for what the Federation saw as the future of Starfleet.

In 2295, Bashir and Sejan began monitoring possible candidates for the Hyperion Project within that year’s incoming class of Starfleet cadets. After the first semester, a pool of 800 student were separated from their peers to participate in an accelerated program which Bashir and Sejan designed. These 800 students were selected for being the top of their class as well as showing an aptitude in any number of skills they felt might be required in service of the Hyperion Project. Throughout these students’ Academy careers, they participated in a number of special assignments which ranged from raising and reconstructing the HMS Bounty to taking extended voyages to study unusual radiation signatures near what would later be known as Bajoran space. This pool of candidates had been thinned down to 150 of the original 800 by the time the class of 2299 graduated. After passing a specially designed final exam, they were each invited to join the Hyperion Project. The Hyperion was classified as a mobile laboratory and not officially a commissioned, allowing some flexibility if how the ship was run. Bashir, though only a Commander, has more military experience than Sejan and was named acting captain for the duration of the experiment, while Sejan acted as chief engineer.

The transwarp drive was successfully used in an unauthorized jump to the Bajoran system of Velos, in an effort to save that colony from the fate that befell Koralis III. As this was not formally documented by Federation observers, and because it lacked the ceremony Bashir and Sejan intended for the debut of the transwarp drive, it was not considered the official first transwarp jump. However, soon after this unauthorized jump, the Hyperion returned to Earth to formally demonstrate the transwarp drive. The demonstration was attended by representatives from many scientific and engineering organization from across the Federation. The demonstration involved three transwarp jumps that would take the Hyperion from Earth to the Galactic Core in the span of about 10 hours. Upon reaching the Core, the Hyperion crew and the visiting observers conducted brief studies of phenomena inside the Core, such as the paradox of youth. This anomaly was discovered to have been caused by an anti-time eruption. A mishap involving a warp-capable probe triggered a space-time tear near this eruption, and the Hyperion was forced to make a transwarp jump in order to escape. This jump hurtled the ship through many possible realities before it ended up in the so-called Mirror Universe and 25 years in the future from when they left.

The catastrophic reaction within the _Hyperion_’s systems during this jump between realities resulted in a critical plasma build-up that threatened to destroy the ship. Sejan and his team reversed the polarity on the EPS system, causing the plasma to flow back to main engineering. They then vented the plasma into engineering, sealing it off from the rest of the ship. This procedure saved the ship from imminent destruction at the cost of the lives of Sejan and sixteen other engineers. After Sejan’s death, Bashir relinquished the role of acting captain in order to take up the position of chief engineer, naming Samuel St John as his replacement.

Casper Bashir

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